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Hey guys,
I am looking to sell :
- 1 brand new, unopened DVD (“Feelings of Falling in Love”)
- 1 like new DVD (“Nice To Meet You”)

- “Oresama” starring Miyavi (in great condition, I probably watched it once or twice at the most)
- Miyavi’s very first live concert (Gekokujou, July 23, 2003)
- Miyavi’s last indies live concert (Indies Last Live in Nihon Budokan, December 1, 2004)
- The documentary DVD/”behind the scenes” of his Indies Last Live
- Hitorigei 1, which is a DVD collection of his PVs (I believe this was released in 2004)

All DVDs are in excellent condition. Please email me for prices if you are interested ( Thanks for reading!
*This blog is NSFW btw.

Also, please make sure these [Region 2] DVDs are compatible with your playback device! 

It’s truly revolting that people are digging up personal/intimate photos of his and publishing them to the internet. There is a line and it has been crossed.


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Age: 22
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 59 kg


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Cover for NAGITO 2 The Erotic Idol
Release Date: 2014/03/20

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Preview to Erotic Idol 2